Finally at Last we got out with a break in the windy weather. We decided to go out at 0500 on Neil’s boat (Jambo) and headed east. When we arrived on our mark the weather was perfect and we settled down for a good day’s fishing.!!!!

After a couple of hours when the tide turned the first Plaice come to the boat, then Neil got into something quite nice, on retrieving it towards the boat it was suddenly fighting harder, tearing line from the real and making unbelievable runs, Finally we caught site of what he had hooked!! Or not hooked!! A SEAL had taken the fish he was retrieving and was not going to give it up.

We managed to get it within 15 feet from the boat and finally Sally Seal won and swam off with Neil’s Catch. We estimated it must have been 25/30lb and considering he was fishing with 30lb line and a 10lb trace with a size 1 hook he did well to hold it for 15mins. No wonder the fishing was poor that day with her around!

It goes without saying we will not be fishing that mark again……