Gordon and I made the most of some settled weather ( at last!) and had two days fishing on the 26th and 27th May. There was an easterly wind but it was pretty light for most of the time. On day one we turned right out of Chichester Harbour and fished around Sandown Bay where we enjoyed a nice sunny day largely undisturbed by fish apart from the inevitable doggies. Gordon managed a couple of bream but that was all. Some of this lack of success was self inflicted as there was a strong tide run and I persisted with leads that were too light – a lesson learnt

On day two we turned left towards Selsey and had a much more productive day. We fished the tide up and caught a variety of fish – or rather Gordon caught a variety of fish while I kept the dogfish population of the area occupied. (As an aside I am a real convert to barbless circle hooks – it makes the whole unhooking process really easy and I don’t seem to lose fish using the hooks. I use a Dremel to grind down the barbs) Using squid head as bait , Gordon had bream, an undulate and thornback ray, an 8lb smoothound and a 2.5 lb bass ( duly returned). I finally caught a nice thornback and a smoothound to join in the fun. Really nice to get a couple of days out on the water .”