The weekend of May 14/15: some great fishing on the far Channel wrecks but most of us don’t go that far! Nearer shore there are plenty of smoothhound now, with the better fishing being caught on squid baits. Mackerel have arrived, along with garfish of course. Bream and plaice are also being caught but you have to find the right location, one boat had 17 plaice the next boat had none.

I was out on 15th and like many others, was frustrated by the wind being stronger than expected and blowing right against a weak neap tide. This meant the boats did not lie neatly over a mark and kept blowing around. Not easy fishing! Nevertheless I caught a bass – usually a cause for celebration but it had to go back according to the latest rules; garfish, pout and dogfish of course. I tried hiding in Sandown Bay but the westerly wind even made that a lumpy place.