Hope you are well. Thought I’d just update you on my last trip with Roly last Saturday. Went out the other day, last Saturday when the cricket was cancelled and weather seemed reasonable, for fishing at least. Decided to not go too far as it was mid afternoon before we set off, having gathered some bait, so just popped along the coast to Selsea. Hoped to see if there were any bream around. None. A few small wrass and a small smoothhound on the flood tide were interspersed by the inevitable dogger.

After a couple of hours we moved to the Medmery Bank to see if anything else was around. Soon had a rush of smoothies on crab baits, 9 in total, biggest 15lb smallest 10lb, on board and a good sized blonde ray (about 15lb). This kept us active for the next two hours and in the end we were happy to have good sport even if the original target species of bream were absent. Did regularly try the feathers, nothing on them either. Haven’t the fish read the calendar!!!

Sorry, no pics, all returned quickly