Gordon and I set out late morning on Saturday ( due to a heavy night I’d had the night before). We initially headed out to Dean Tail where we immediately had plenty of mackerel for the first time this year – although the majority were really small. We then headed to New Grounds for the first time ( as a result of reading some of the catch reports – so thanks for the posts). Gordon fished squid/ rag cocktail  and I fished a fresh small mackerel flapper. We arrived just before high tide and , apart from the slack period at high tide, had bites  on a regular basis- and mercifully were not pestered with doggies. Gordon had  a smoothound and three rays , including a double figure undulate , whilst I also had three rays and a bass of 3lb.  So New Grounds lived up to its reputation for accessible and varied fishing – and I had the perfect hangover cure of fresh air and a few fish!