Woke up early and left the marina about half six. We went straight to an east Nab mark and on my first drop I had a strap conger which came off right next to the boat, just means we didn’t have to unhook it. The bites were almost constant and we missed or lost a few fish. I had a small thornback then as the tide slackened dad had a hound at about 7lb which gave a great fight running uptide, followed by another one similar size. As there was no wind the boat became completely slack on the anchor line but just before we decided to get the anchor in and move to a mark for the flood i had a nice 10lb undulate ray on a mackerel head. As the tide spun at slack we moved to a patch of mixed ground south of the nab.

First drop down gave a small thornback followed by some dogs. As the tide ran hard there was a long quite patch of no action. As it started to slow down i had a few pout and then something much bigger on my other rod. After quite a fight in the tide my dad netted my 13lb undulate (pictured), this was also on a mackerel head with some guts. After a few whiting, pout and dogs my dad had some scad on baited feathers intended for bream as we were trying for ten species in the day. I felt a small bite so reeled up a few turns and felt a big hit, i struck into it and after a few dives brought a bass to the surface. I was pretty happy with this. As the tide really slackened off my dad had a small spotted ray which brought us to ten species – conger, dogfish, thornback, undulate, smuts, pout, whiting, scad, bass and spotted ray. As the tide was slack i got the anchor in and we drove home over a lovely flat calm sea. Hopefully, some nice weather matches with some bigger tides to get some more bass.

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