After all the shore-side gossip I was hoping for an inshore cod this morning but it wasn’t to be. After trying for a bite-less hour over some broken ground I moved to a useful-looking hole near Dean Elbow. Two hours and two whiting later I decided to move again, and about half a mile away I spied some frenetic bird activity. They were working a bank which I hadn’t taken much notice of previously, but it was certainly holding fish today. I drifted down onto them with the tide and used a small shad on a light spinning rod, catching bass one or two per drift. They were not large, up to about 2lb max and none were keepers, but it was good sport and made up for the boredom of bottom fishing for nothing.


Back in the marina, I found many in the Solent had similar experiences but those that ventured further out did OK, the Overfalls being particularly productive today. I also heard anglers were seen taking more than one bass. You won’t be popular with other anglers or the Feds if you are one of them.