From Steve, “not  a report as such” was the title but it reads like a report so here it is!

“A lot of boats waiting on the outer pontoon on Sunday morning ready to go out, including mine! I guess you went out a bit later when the gate opened? Unless you had an incredibly early start. (No, I was too lazy for an early start).

Went to Sandown Bay to try to get some shelter from the NW wind, which thankfully eased during the day, and the afternoon was fantastic weather wise. I struggled with the big tide and using the heaviest weights I’ve used to date, even with braid, but I managed to catch my first bass of around 3.5lb (stunning looking fish which I put back having thought I’d taken a quick shot with the GoPro – but failed somehow…), 8lb thornback a 1.5lb ballan wrasse (another first for the boat) and a load of pouting – no doggies all day.   I would have been quite happy catching pouting on the lighter rod all day to be honest.  Anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to post an actual report next time if I sort out my cameras. (I have found a photo from the archives for you)

I think the new look a feel of your revamped website is great by the way.” (Thank you!)