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Connor’s report, October 2016

We thought we’d try some marks east of the nab after not having much success more inshore. As the flood tide died off i had a small eyed ray of about 4lb which is a new species for me. Pretty sure this is a small eyed? After this we moved to another mark nearby in a bit of deeper water but this just gave us more dogfish. Listening to the radio it sounded like most people were having a hard day and a couple of boats had one or two cod. After speaking to other fishermen in the marina seems like the bass fishing was better this weekend. Probably got something to do with the water being quite warm still.

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  1. Neville Merritt

    Yes Connor, that is a small eyed ray. A small small eyed ray! Grow to 20 lbs apparently, and classed as “near threatened”. Another one for the species list, well done.

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