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Conor’s report December 2016

Me and dad left at 4am on the Sunday morning. Down to the boat and ready to launch by 7am but the left trailer brakes had locked up! We quickly jacked up the trailer with the boat on it using the car’s jack and took apart the wheel to remove the brake. Wheel back together, we launched he boat and were out at our favorite east nab mark by around 9am. Straight into pout and dogs and my dad had a small thornback. After a few dogfish I got another bite which i struck and instantly felt a heavier fish. After a fun fight debating whether it was a cod or conger and getting excited cause I felt head shakes on my ugly stik 12-20, I brought a small strap of around 10lb to the side of the boat. We slipped it back over the side of the boat not bringing it in, they’re smiley buggers. Kept a few big pout and whiting to make fishcakes. We moved to another mark nearby for the flood where my dad lost a fish that felt like something better. The anchor dragged twice so we headed in just as the sun set over the IOW. The weather was a bit windy in the morning with some swell from the wind through the week getting up to a force 8 at on the point apparently.

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  1. michael pinchbeck

    Nice to see you and your dad got out Conor, I arrived at the Marina just after you had gone out . Looked a bit misty out there . At least you got out I am hoping for ( fingers crossed ) a trip before the weekend. Read your reports on WSF ect hope to run into you in the new year.

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