Last weekend before Christmas – I think I was very lucky to be allowed out at all. It was a foggy, murky day and I had to juggle tides at Southsea Marina so I decided on a leisurely start, fish local and be in by dark. That went to plan and by noon I was fishing on a patch of mixed ground which had produced before. Rods were soon nodding and produced small conger, a couple of dogfish and plenty of good sized whiting and pout. The smaller whiting went down again as bait and accounted for more conger and a blonde ray of about 15lbs. As the sun dropped the gloom closed in and I decided to call it a day – no cod but plenty of action. Action of a different sort happened as I was thinking of packing up, this tug from Rotterdam came past, close but a respectable distance, but the wash from these things is something else.  Everything that wasn’t wedged in place ended up on the deck – in a smaller boat it would have been very scary. Garrydog also came by to say hello – good to meet you!