My son and I picked up our new admiral 560 fast fisher some weeks ago and we have been waiting very patiently for a weather window in my son’s words to get some blood on the deck. So on Saturday my good wife kindly offered the get up extra early to launch the boat.

We headed straight out to our favourite cod spot and after the first hour we had the usual dogfish and some very nice pout, the boy was very happy that he had the first fish on board. As it approached slack water the Whiting arrived with some good sport on our light rods, the boat was on the turn so out come the cooker bacon butty all round. The tide had now turned and  down to our last five Squid I phoned the wife to let her know that we would be back soon, as soon as the phone went down son Luke shouts fish on and after a good fight we landed our first Cod of 12 Lbs not to be out done my rod started to nod and within 10 minutes we had our second Cod 14.5 Lbs. What a day the boat performed brilliantly the fish turned up and I had a great day out with my best friend Luke.