After hearing good reports from the Nab area we decided to try a new mark nearby. We dropped anchor around 8am and as the tide slowly turned we put some lines down, my dad had a tiny strap and a thornback, I had a small whiting. When the tide started running we had congers taking through out the whole tide but only got 2 of them to the boat because we only had 50lb mono traces. My dad used a tope trace we had in the tackle box with a pennel hooked pout. We didn’t get a cod but we had bites all day with plenty of chunky pout and channel whiting to take home. My dad had three rays, thornback, small eyed and a small blonde I think? The weather was overcast but it wasn’t too windy so a nice day to be out. Also minimal dogfish so can complain, just haven’t had a cod in 2016   . Hopefully we’ll get some in the spring.