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Howard and Paul’s Christmas Cod

Well that is the last time I offer to take my son fishing when he comes to visit us! Another one of those lovely calm winter days that seem to just appear and have got to be used. We set out from Bembridge Harbour at just after 8 am and set ourselves up just off Culver. Started catching pouting straight away. Paul often teases me that I get rather over excited asking for the landing net when it is not really necessary so when he started pulling in this 12 lb cod he had to plead with me before I would get the net into action and as you can see a good result. Fishing dropped off as the tide started running out so back home for lunch.


  1. Garrydog

    Nice fish, looks like a lovely day too…will be over there tomorrow and out fishing later in the week. Can’t wait.

  2. Neville Merritt

    Might be out myself on Thursday or Friday.

  3. Garrydog

    Good luck Neville!

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