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Fog Report…

…rather than a catch report. 30th December, calm they said. Calm it was, but also a pea-soup fog. I texted Garry who had gone out earlier to check conditions and he replied that it was clear past the harbour. Along with several other boats we crept out of the marina, navigated the channel pile by pile, then pointed in a southerly direction waiting for that moment when you burst into sunshine. Well we didn’t.  As we got further from Langstone I realised Nab and New Grounds were going to be too far away if I was chugging along at 8 knots peering into the murk, to I reset the waypoint to Deal Tail. When I arrived there I could make out several other boats with a similar idea, so I found a space and anchored up. It was very creepy, we could hear each other but only one other boat was in sight most of the time. As for fish caught – it was the usual pout, whiting and dogfish this time. Along with several other boats I made my way back early, in case of mishap, and it was a real navigational challenge to get through the Langstone run and round Ferry Point. Visibility was about 50 metres which sounds a lot, but the Run is about 200 metres across so there was a large slice in the middle where you couldn’t see anything. I was glad to be back in my berth safely. Robert my berth neighbour cheered me up though, he had brought back a 21lb cod which proves there are cod to be caught.

Langstone Run!


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  1. alanr

    Against my better judgement I also went out and only got as far as dean tail also , four congers , one nice undulate , loads of good sized whiting and one cod of about 10 lb . My trip back to Gosport was horrendous as I was also in the pea soup which got worse the nearer to Gosport

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