Another flat calm day on Sunday saw us head out with Radar in full use. There was a very wet fog though so everything got damp, very annoying and visibility down to less than 100yds. We headed out deep to look for the end of the fog bank but couldn’t find it, ending up on a wreck south of the Nab. The first bite of the day saw Roland with a 15lb conger and then the pouting hit. All in the 1-3lb bracket but their ability, at whatever size, to spin means you need to have your swivels in good working order. We might not have!!! More and more pout then the tide calmed right down and we both lost good sized fish in the wreck. Probably as a result of last week’s efforts when we didn’t set the hooks well. This time break offs. I removed all smaller hooks just fishing big baits to void the dreaded “smellies”.

Just before slack I had a nice 20lb conger on board. About this time the fog started to clear, and we could see a large number of boats out around the spoils and even further south east that us.


So with the slack arriving we re-anchored. All went quiet for an hour, then a further 3 more congers, the largest just over 25lb. Then one rarity, well it was for us, a Three-bearded Rockling, about a pound, came in. What beautiful colours.


The tide picked up so we went inshore to East nab. We had heard report of whiting coming in inshore, and they were right. Just too small really with the largest topping out at a 1lb. That was the end to a good day.

5 congers, loads of pout and NO doggies and a lot of small whiting later on. Bookies would have given good odds on NO DOGS. Listening to the radio a few Cod were reported out deep, mainly mid-teens it seemed and a few inshore boats just having loads of small whiting with doggers thrown in – so that’s where they were!!.