Second-hand because after all the planning, permissions, bait-buying etc. I didn’t go out!  I arrived at the marina ready for an early start but the fog was so thick we couldn’t even see the end of the marina from the middle of it, let alone see the entry and exit lights. Last time I was out in fog that thick I decided it was a bad idea, so along with a few others I decided that while still in the marina this time. However others did venture out over the weekend and a good number of plaice have been caught. One specimen went over 4lbs, another boat claimed 17 so they are about if you can find the hot-spots. Both drifting and anchoring are producing results, and I was pleased to see that artificials are catching some good fish when the water is clear enough for worm lures to work. I like these Isome worms below, they have built-in attractant.

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