Well as there haven’t been any catch reports sent in recently I’ll share what I have heard. I was out on Sunday in Hayling Bay in slightly stronger winds than forecast. You can usually tell if people are catching because their boats stay put. On  Sunday there were a lot of boats moving about! Things were a bit better around The Blocks: there was a club plaice comp and one boat had 10 plaice, another had 7 and largest was 4lb 10oz which is a decent size for a spawned fish. The water was a lot more coloured that is was previously which affects plaice and bream fishing. Those that were out during the week did better.

There are some good pollack being caught out in the Channel. The Southsea Marina Angling Club Fish of the Month in March was a pollack of 15lb 1oz. The first garfish have been caught and they usually arrive with the bream, and the mackerel come a few weeks after. There have been herring reported around Poole, hopefully they will come east a bit – I quite like herring in oatmeal!

As for my Sunday catch – pout, dogfish and some small early smoothhound. And a very pink nose. Rather than have no picture – here’s a plaice from a couple of years’ back – what the BBC would call a “library shot” when they’ve not actually got any pictures for a current news story. If they can do it so can I.

P.S. Southsea Marina Fishing Show on 6th May – still some Boat Jumble stalls available for a tenner. If you want to donate items for the SMAC jumble stall, see Steve Kelly in the Marina office. All proceeds to the RNLI.