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Watch out cod, Caroline’s fishing again

Saturday’s report from Dave:

“Its been a while. As is known, Caroline has been diagnosed with cancer and has a long period of treatment ahead of her. Chemo, Herceptin, and Radiotherapy. However Friday saw the end of her Chemo treatment and when asked what she wanted to do to mark the completion of one course of treatment, forget the “Go out for a meal” her answer was “Go Fishing”.

So thats exactly what we did. We headed out to our favourite Cod mark and I was a little worried she may not be up to it fully and may find it exhausting. I need not have worried, by the 3rd drift we had 2 Cod and a Pollock on board. We took it a lot easier than we normally would and we extended the drifts. We ended with a mixed bag of Cod and Pollock with majority of the 15 fish haul being Cod.

Most of the fish were double figures. We gave it a few hours and headed back in so as to be back at the berth by mid afternoon. Caroline has a new vigour for getting the charter boat we had planned before the diagnosis of her illness.

All I keep thinking now is, “Watch out Cod”  🙂


Dave and Caroline”

Mine cr



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  1. Neville Merritt

    What a wonderful “respite” – I bet they don’t consider that one in the NHS! Great to hear from you both and to see Caroline fighting through. I see she hasn’t lost the ability to winkle fish out!

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