“Thinking we was off to a bad start sitting in loads of traffic things rapidly changed when we got on the water and hit the mackerel straight away. Dropped anchor and put 3 fresh baits down.
Within 5 minutes the first one went off – it took literally over half the spool before deciding to stop. And that went 32lb to Charlie a first for him !! During that my rod starting ****ing line out back towards the shore resulting in a 30lb tope. Beaming we were by this point, the boat being trashed by tope. We managed to weigh photo and return safely . Then just to make matters even more joyful,  the 3rd rod goes screaming off resulting in a 42lb tope, a pb for me – absolutely buzzing. Then a small hound and a nice ballan wrasse for Charlie. Also we saw a pack of either dolphins or porpoises…which was good to see! Another 30odd lbr that got away up the side although a hand was on the hooklength!” – Josh and Charlie