Big shout out to all the people that turned out to support the fishermen’s protest at the UK Government’s capitulation to EU control of UK waters during the transition period. If they thought using commercial fishermen and anglers (and associated industries) as a pawn in the game without losing votes, I think they will have a surprise later. Anyway, on to the story. A good number of boats turned out to motor up and down along Southsea Common. It was a very still and murky day, so to add to the drama some crew decided to let of some flares and orange smoke.


Unfortunately, the smoke just sat there instead of blowing away. Orange smoke has a sticky residue. One particular charter boat, not the fastest, let off a smoke from the stern and became enveloped in its own cloud of orange, from which is could not go fast enough to escape. Net result, the poor skipper spent two hours cleaning orange stain off his newly painted topsides. Not very fair, really.


Photos courtesy of Steve Wenham