Roland and I went out early on the previous Sunday with a range of baits. Initial thoughts to see if there was any Bream about. First stop was in Bracklesham Bay – a couple of marks providing very little so off we went to  Boulder Bank.

Over the space of the following 3 hours of the Ebb Tide we had 5 Smoothies on crab to 12lb, the ubiquitous Dogfish, and a few Bream bites giving just the one around a pound.

We went back to Bracklesham to see if there were any change – but no, nothing and the cold wind had increased, so went in. Note to self- don’t go out in T shirt and shorts and leave the warmer clothes in the car! Still, the smoothies gave some good sport and we’ll go back again soon to see if the Bream are easier.  Above is Roland with one of the Smoothounds.

Next Sunday Roland and I went out again (with appropriate clothing as it took half the day for the cloud/mist to burn off) . As last week we headed west from Hayling towards Selsey

With a range of fresh baits – bit costly as freezer broke in the week and I lost a load of bait – so had to buy new we headed out reasonably early. Early for us but with a  dozen boats over at Selsey before us, we were not alone and not really early either. Luckily found one of my marks still free amongst the raft of charter boats.

Fishing the Ebb all day on the Boulder we had about 15 bream to 2lb and 9 Smoothies to just under 15lb. The bream were active all the time during the tide and the reason we only caught 15 is more due to ineptitude than the fish not biting.

The smoothies were a range of sizes the smaller ones taking squid, the 5 larger ones, all double figure fish, taking crab. Add in a couple of dogs each, not too many luckily and in general a reasonable day. All spawning bream returned to provide future years sport hopefully and the smoothies tricked in all day but had 3 in 10 minutes as the tide dropped off and we managed to lose a couple as well, bit over eager on the striking.

So good day and got back in time to cut the lawn and keep the FPO happy (well relatively).