The sudden improvement in weather and my availability allowed us to go out for the first time since the end of September. So a week before Xmas went out on the neap tide and decided to go deep to see if anything was happening out south of the Nab.

Well dogs, some biggish pouting and small whiting, with only one about 1.5lbs that was worth keeping.

With nothing much happening we went back inshore, where at least we got some real action, which was with a few Congers, on open ground. We had four, not exceptionally large although the biggest went 25lbs and gave a good scrap on the up-tider for Roland.

With the fait hint of success we went out a day or so after Xmas, although the larger tides meant we went out between Selsey and the Nab. The tide and a lot of weed (lots of it drifting around) caused us to move after only 45 mins with nothing more than the odd Dog, Pout and one Whiting.

So we went back towards the Nab to a hole to the East of the Nab. Better tide here and we were able to get down amongst the Whiting and Pouting. A couple of Dogs then a big bite nearly taking the rod over the side. A nice 5½lb Bass. Then a big fish, felt like a Conger, got off half way up. On bringing in the tackle there was a Whiting hooked on a flyer, with a big cut across its back, so the Conger had obviously taken a liking to my catch !

Whiting bitten by conger
Conger Attack!

A couple of straps came on board and then another good bite resulted in a double – a 2lb Bass on the flyer and a 7½lb Cod on the lower pennel rig. So all in all a good day for me – Roland came out as well and had some Whiting, Pouting and the odd Dog. Took advantage of the ability to be smug as we all know it will probably be different next time. Took home a Bass, Cod and 2 Whiting (2lb apiece) and the Bass and Cod fillets will allow us to forget the Turkey.

Phil and Roland, December 2018