A word about about bait:

Frozen squid is an excellent all-round bait, and readily available. Frozen cuttlefish is the best cod bait. Fresh mackerel can be feathered from May to September, and is the best all-round bait for most summer species. Ragworm can be bought but it is advisable to order ahead. It is usually sold by weight. Slipper limpet, clams and oysters can be gathered on the beach, particularly around Langstone Harbour entrance, after storms. Hermit crabs and hardback shore crabs are good smoothound baits, these can be caught in small crab pots left out overnight. Frozen raw prawns are a good smoothhound bait.

Frozen squid can be bought at the local shop on the corner of Ferry Road and Fort Cumberland Road on the way in to Eastney.  Frozen bait can also be bought at the kiosk in the car park by the Ferry Inn on the Hayling side of Langstone Harbour entrance, although it is not always open.

Andy’s Baits are available from the freezer in the office at Southsea Marina.

Local Tackle Shops:

(Please let me know if any of these cease trading so I can update the site)

Solent Tackle has closed and become mail-order and delivery only, known as Solent Baits

Lock Stock & Tackle
26 Elm Grove,
Tel: 023 9281 2478
Lock Stock & Tackle Facebook Page

Cosham Angling
7A, Northern Buildings,
Northern Road,
Tel: 023 9232 5581

Fishon Bait and Tackle
10 Bourne Road,
Tel: 023 9400 7684
Fishon Bait and Tackle Facebook Page

Daves Tackle
1 The Precinct
South St
PO12 1HA
Tel: 01705 529107

Gosport Market (Saturday)
Steve Corbin’s stall
Phone 0783 707 6539 or email caithness11@yahoo.com
to order fresh lug and rag (48 hours notice required)
Frozen bait and tackle available

Kings Pet Shop & Fishing Tackle
3 Middle Park Way,
Phone:023 9247 8899

Chandlery and Boat Facilities

Southsea Marina has all the usual facilities with crane launch but no slipway. Fort Cumberland Road, PO4 9RJ Tel. 023 9275 5450. Engineer on site at 1 Deg. West Marine who also have a small chandlery. The marina provides overnight moorings, showers etc.

Golden Arrow Marine are based in Port Solent and also cover Southsea Marina and the local area. They are the nearest Volvo Penta and Honda Marine main dealers and service centre. Through the group they are also main dealers and service centres for Perkins, MAN, Yamaha, Mercury/Mariner and Evinrude. They offer all Premier Marina berth holders and ECA members a 10% discount on all service parts. www.goldenarrow.co.uk or call +44 (0)2392 201171

Worth the small diversion and with good on-line ordering facilities: Marine Superstore, 7 The Slipway, Port Solent, PO6 4TR Tel. 023 9221 9843