Easy and quick recipes requested by my daughter Aedy who is at Nottingham Trent Uni.

Broccoli and Cheese Soup

Broccoli soup recipe

This makes enough for four or you can let it cool, keep in the fridge and heat up a bowlful at a time.

Ingredients (for four):

  • one onion
  • two potatoes
  • 500g broccoli
  • 1 litre vegetable stock made from cubes or pot
  • 100g cheese (any – hard, soft, blue), chopped or grated
  • 150ml milk
  • Oil, salt, pepper


Take your onions and potatoes and chop small. Heat the oil in a pan and sweat the veg until soft. Add the broccoli and sweat a minute or two more. Add the stock, cook for 20-30 minutes until everything is soft. Blend until smooth. Add the milk and cheese, heat through until melted and just on the simmer again. Take off the heat, and adjust the seasoning.

Gammon and Bean Stew

This makes enough for four very greedy people.

Ingredients (for four):

  • one onion
  • four potatoes
  • two carrots
  • two parsnips
  • 400g tin of butter beans, drained
  • 400g tin of flageolet beans or similar, drained
  • two handfuls of frozen peas
  • 200ml white wine
  • 400ml water
  • small piece of gammon joint (Morrisons, £4-£5)
  • thyme and parsley if you have it
  • Oil, salt, pepper

Take your onions, carrots and potatoes and chop into chunks. Heat the oil in a metal casserole or large saucepan pan and sweat the veg until soft. Add the gammon and brown it in the pan. Add all the other ingredients except parsely and peas and simmer for one hour. Add the peas and simmer three more minutes. . Take off the heat, pull the gammon apart (remove any fatty bits and skin) and adjust the seasoning. Add parsley and serve with chunks of fresh bread. If you have made too much and get bored with it, take the meat out, blend it into a soup, shred the meat and put it back in. Veg and ham soup…