Ingredients (for one) – easily multiplied up for more people.

  • 100gms beef mince (more if you are hungry)
  • Taco seasoning from a jar
  • Tortilla chips (cheap value brand is good)
  • Cheddar cheese grated

In a frying pan fry the mince stirring around until all the pink has gone. It will fry in its own fat. Add a teaspoon of Taco seasoning and stir about. Add half a mug of water and simmer until all the water is nearly gone. Put the tortilla chips on a heatproof plate. Put a layer of cooked mince on top. Layer the cheese on top of that. Put under the grill until the cheese has melted but take it out before the tortillas go black! Serve with guacamole, sour cream, taco sauce, shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes, refried beans or whatever TexMex accompaniments you like.