Ships We See

There is never a dull moment – if the fish are not cooperating there is always plenty of shipping to look at. Or look out for!

Unknown small tanker
Car carrier "Grande Mediteranneo"
Queen Mary 2
HMS Bulwark Assault Ship
HMS Puncher Fast Patrol Boat
Fast Cat "Normandie Express"
Fawley Tug "Phenix"
Frigate FGS Karlsruhe (German Navy)
QE2 (retired)
Queen Victoria
Isle of Wight Ferry "St Clare"
"Mari" delivering sea defences
Border Agency aircraft
Dredger "Shoalway"
Unknown small tanker


Just Fish

Here is a collection of photos of fish from the Solent area, some common, some more unusual. Click on the image, you can create a full screen slideshow from the buttons displayed.