Here are a few useful links to local weather information:

XCWeather my favourite.

Langstone Harbour Board Weather Station

Windguru for Hayling Island  giving forecast for wind speed, direction, temperature and wave height for Hayling Island.

Live weather reports from Chichester Harbour entrance: CHIMET

Live waether data from Langstone Harbour Board: Oceanwise


Langstone Harbour
Tide times for the next three days from “Waiting For The Tide”

Tide times for 22 July 2024

Tide Time Height
High  00:33 4.7m
Low   05:58 0.8m
High  13:09 4.7m
Low   18:21 1.0m

Tide times for 23 July 2024

Tide Time Height
High  01:13 4.7m
Low   06:42 0.6m
High  13:52 4.8m
Low   19:05 0.9m

Tide times for 24 July 2024

Tide Time Height
High  01:55 4.8m
Low   07:25 0.6m
High  14:39 4.9m
Low   19:48 0.8m

Tides at Southsea Marina including access times

Portsmouth tides using Tide Times. You can select more local marks on the page such as Langstone Harbour entrance

UKHO Tidal Prediction for Portsmouth (the UKHO site may need a moment or two to load)

Download a document showing the tidal streams at each stage of the tide in the Eastern Solent area: Tidal Streams

Eastern Solent tidal flow chart which is as detailed as the Admiralty Tidal Atlas from Monty Mariner

Water temperatures go from a low of 5 degrees Centigrade in Winter to a high of nearly 20 degrees in Summer. The temperature profile lags behind the air temperature, as water stays warmer for longer which is why the water feels warm well into November and summer species stay on. Here is a chart based in readings taken at midday on the first day of each month in 2010, from the data archives available from the Chichester Bar weather station:

Solent water temperature chart

Sunrise and Sunset

Here’s an excellent site for detailed predictions of sunrise, sunset and light levels.

Portsmouth Sunrise and Sunset