We often see commercial fishing boats operating either inshore or further out into the English Channel. All commercial fishing boats have to be registered and carry their registration number prominently displayed on the hull. Here is a list of the registration letters corresponding to their port of registration that you are most likely to see, in case you were wondering.

BD Bideford
BE Barnstaple
BH Blyth
BL Bristol
BM Brixham
BN Boston
BR Bridgewater
BW Barrow
CK Colchester
CS Cowes
DH Dartmouth
DR Dover
E Exeter
F Faversham
FE Folkestone
FH Falmouth
FY Fowey
GE Goole
GU Guernsey
GY Grimsby
H Hull
HE Hayle
HH Harwich
HL Hartlepool
IH Ipswich
J Jersey
LI Littlehampton
LL Liverpool
LN Kings Lynn
LO London
LR Lancaster
LT Lowestoft
MH Middlesborough
MN Maldon
NE Newcastle
NN Newhaven
P Portsmouth
PE Poole
PH Plymouth
PW Padstow
PZ Penzance
R Ramsgate
RN Runcorn
RR Rochester
RX Rye
SC Scilly Islands
SD Sunderland
SE Salcombe
SH Scarborough
SM Shoreham
SN North Shields
SS St. Ives
SSS South Shields
SU Southampton
TH Teignmouth
TO Truro
WH Weymouth
WI Wisbech
WS Wells
WY Whitby
YH Yarmouth


For a full list of UK and European registrations, read this article