Dave and Caroline were out on Monday:

“We ventured out to an area I had great success on last year to see if there were any cod there. We managed 15 Pollack which we kept and 1 Cod. The best Pollack went 14lb and the rest were split about equally between low double figure and single figure. It was a fish a drop and an hour and a half later we were heading back.


On Monday we decided to try searching out new areas after not attending the Brighton Pollack comp as we had intended. We arrived at my chosen area and about 25 minutes later I had found what I thought looked Interesting. First drift and I had a pouting up.. Second drift and Caroline landed an 18lb Cod. We were both ecstatic and I set the drift up again. This time we were both in and Caroline’s surfaced first, it came in a lovely 17lb fish. Mine came in at 13lb. We went on to land some single figure fish as well which were returned. Little over an hour of fishing and the sea state started to look unfavourable so we packed up and headed for home.
Cracking successful day and we will be exploring the area more fully in due course.

You can see by the boat angle it was starting to get lumpy, so Caroline resorted to kneeling to get the photo.”

Phill was out last week – “Fishing at Bullock Patch last week – every cast a dogfish- anybody got any clues how not to catch dogfish would be much appreciated.”

Email your suggestions here! In my experience that is tough one – if you are using any static natural bait you will probably attract a lot of dogfish, particularly if you are using fresh fish. l have switched to whole small pout and caught ray and bass with no dogfish, if that helps!