We decided on a last minute trip out today with my mate Paul so we headed for a mark just north of the Nab Tower. From the off we were into some decent whiting up to around 3lb+. Around late morning came the first decent fish to me, a cod just under 15lb which was followed by a pollack of 15lb which took me by surprise as I’ve never seen many pollack let alone that size come up from where we were fishing.

After the pollack I had a conger around the 30lb mark. After loads more whiting my mate decided to use some small whiting as live bait and he lost a couple good fish and one had bit the whiting off right behind the head. Probably conger but we’ll never know. I lost couple good fish which felt like conger and cod. Will deffo go back to that mark again!

There was a 30lb cod caught on a charter about half a mile from me today.