Like a number of others Roland and I too went out Friday. Through the pea soup we found the fog dissipated at about 3-4 miles out and it was a beautiful clear sunny day, flat clam. We went out to a wreck south of the Nab to fish the slack. Managed the usual pout and dogs but somehow managed to lose 3 what I suspect were reasonable 20-40 lb congers. All let go of the baits, no breakages so probably striking a bit early but always eager to stop them going back into the wreck. We had each on for a couple of minutes but hey ho – put it down to incompetence. As the big spring started to pick up the fog came out and we moved back in shore to fish out at East Nab. By now all we could hear all afternoon were fog horns, but glad we’d made a point of staying well out of the way of the shipping channels. More dogs, pout and now some whiting came aboard.

Not a great day in terms of catches but happy to hear from your report that cod are still around.