Saturday 7/1/17, I was out with Richard to see what was about without steaming to the horizon.  Left Southsea Marina around 9.00am, and after refuelling, steamed out to a mark less than 2 miles from Langstone Fairway Post and anchored up by 9.30am.  The day was overcast but mild for the time of year, with a light NW wind and neap tide resulting in very comfortable fishing conditions.  First to the baits were the dogs, followed by whiting, and then I hooked into a 16lb Undulate Ray that went well on the 15lb gear I was using. It was photographed, weighed and released.  Fishing remained steady throughout the day, with a run of rays in the last hour, before we up-anchor and headed back to the marina, just as the light was fading.  In total, we had 36 dogs, 64 whiting, 2 undulate rays, 5 thornback rays, a spotted ray, 5 pout and a small smoothhound.  With the exception of the large undulate, none of the fish were notable for their size, and all were released, but we had a pleasant and comfortable run out.  Given the reports we heard on the radio, we did as well as the boats that did head to the horizon.