Picking up the chat from around the forums and berths, it seems that people are mostly catching small whiting with the odd ray here and there. If you want pollack from the wrecks, you need to push out a very long way.  Clients on Kelly’s Hero III had a good day on Friday, with over 100 fish they reckon, but that was a lot nearer France than England! I did hear a story of a 20lb cod but that came out on Friday but I don’t know the details. One or two plaice have been caught but they have spawned so are thin and in poor condition. They will  fatten up later!

I went out on Saturday, and although it was a glorious day the whiting kept rattling the whiting rod and everything else totally ignored the other rods with baits intended fort bigger things. No, not even a pout or a dogfish. To cap it all, the seagulls had fared so badly they even thought it was worth hanging around me and that is saying something. Roll on plaice, bream, tope, smoothies….