Slightly “out of area”, but only just. Keith is a regular contributor to Catch Reports and his turbot deserves recognition. I just wish beasts like this could be caught nearer home! Here is Keith’s report:

Richard and myself, both members of the Southsea Marina Fishing Club and Crookham SAC, had a day fishing on Supanova 2, skippered by Lyle Stantford out of Weymouth along with 4 other members of Crookham SAC.

We left Weymouth promptly at 7.30, having paid a visit to the tackle shop to top up on frozen mackerel for bait.  We steamed out past Portland Bill to a number of wrecks SW of the Bill.  Weather was fair, with a southwesterly breeze that picked up during the day, putting up a bit of a chop at times, and we had one brief shower during the morning.

After steaming for around an hour and half, we reached the first wreck, and down went the lines, most baited with mackerel, although some had squid, all expecting Ling.  Early in that first drift, I hooked into a fish that didn’t feel like a Ling, but was strong enough to take line. Once I had colour, Lyle grabbed the landing net and a superbly marked Turbot hit the deck.  It was officially weighed-in at Weymouth Angling Centre on return to Weymouth at 9.760Kg (21 lbs 8 oz), by far my best Turbot, and a fish of a lifetime. (Pictures and Copy of Weigh-in Certificate attached)   We continued to drift this wreck for an hour or so, but with the exception of a few Pout, nothing of note was landed, although some members were broken off by larger fish, or drop fish whilst reeling in, so Lyle headed to another wreck.  Drifting this produced more Pout, plus the first Ling.  As the tide turned, Lyle anchored uptide of the wreck, and this produced more Pout, the odd Conger, a few Ling, Lesser Spotted Dogfish, Whiting and a specimen Spurdog for Peter, estimated by Lyle to weigh 17lbs.  Finally, Lyle headed to another wreck to drift with lures for Pollack, and a few were landed.  Whilst drifting this wreck, we spotted at least one whale close by.