The summer is definitely over and autumn is here, in fish terms. Rebel Runner is back in the water after the annual antifoul and leg service, so I went out to see if these reports of cod were true.  No cod for me , although a number have been caught locally. One lonely mackerel and a few scad showed that summer has only just passed, and the first whiting of this season showed that autumn is here.  Bass seem to shoal up over inshore banks at this time of year and if you spot birds working, sneak up on them and drift down with lures – you will be in for some good sport. I caught about ten in the one to two pound range before finally catching one bang on 42cm. Fiish Black Minnow was the winning lure, the lighter shore version cast well away from the boat and zig-zagged back. The fishfinder was alive with bass  (above) but I only caught on the top of the water, not down where the fish were showing. I wonder why?

First whiting