“Angling Boats” book now available as a FREE download!

Angling Boats book coverDemand for this book continued long after the first edition sold out, so it is now available, updated, as a digital edition for download so you can read it on a Kindle, PC, iPad tablet or print it out. Click here to download your copy of  Angling Boats




Free Download: VHF Mayday and UK Buoy Sticker

Mayday stickerClick here to download your copy of a MaydayandBuoySticker

Print it on A4 landscape on a waterproof sticky label, and cut it to form two useful stickers.




Free Download: Safety and Navigation Equipment Guide

Click here toboat safety equipment guide download your copy of a BoatAnglersSafetyandNavigationEquipment guide.





Free Download: Compass Deviation Card

Deviation Card DownloadClick here to download your copy of a DeviationCard template.