This is the month we usually expect plenty of bream and smoothounds, and the first mackerel. Tope follow soon after. Well that’s the theory. There are bream on the usual marks but smaller than expected and fewer in number. Maybe it was the unseasonably cold April with north westerly winds prevailing.

Where would these pages be without Dave and Caroline’s reports to keep us motivated.

“Well we didn’t anticipate getting out today as forecast was looking changeable, but as we woke early and the weather looked good we shot off for a few hours. 1st drift I had a pollack about 6lb and Caroline had a cod. 2nd drift I had an 18lb cod and was ensuring Caroline was well aware that I actually had the biggest fish..
Oh how I wish I had shut up for the very next drift she had one of 24lb and then went on to land another 24lb fish..
We spent 3 hours fishing, came back with 14 cod and a Gurnard. Had lots of Pollock which went back and also the smaller codling went back. Great to be out.”