Report from Miles Burden:

Our Red Deer club trip was basically a “drifting for Pollock and the like” day. Courtesy of Zack Cairns’s awesome skippering, everyone on board Valerie 6 had a healthy cool box of fish to take home so we put the anchor down for the last hour to try for some ling in particular.

We had four eels up to 28lbs over an hour. Just a few minutes before my 70 lb eel I had brought up a dog fish and thought that was how the day was going to finish as we were nearly out of time.

I put one last mackerel flapper over, with a nice yellow muppet above to encourage the ling, and almost immediately, BANG..I connected with this beast ! 240 ft down, and the best part of half an hour later and it was landed. Never experienced a fight or weight like it ! Nigel Mcgloughlin, a club member and also the new membership secretary for the Conger Club was on board so he and Zack got it into a sling weigher and verified the weight, before pictures and returning the fish.

The Red Deer club is always looking for people to join our friendly, funny and enthusiastic group. We go inshore, offshore, and everything in between…..and we get great days with Zack and Glen on the Valerie Cats. Anyone wanting to join us please contact :