Connor sent me this report which has been a typical experience recently. Some cod have been caught this week, but not very many. Most trips were like this one:

It was a very cold, icy morning and the night had been very calm so we expected fog, also because it was on the forecasts. Luckily when we came out past West Pole it was a lovely – the sea was flat and although it wasn’t perfect there was a few miles of visibility. We started off south of the Nab on the flood where I failed to connect the best bite of the day, most likely a conger or ray but could of been that elusive cod which is sad to think about. A few other bites resulted in dogs. At slack we moved to Culver with a few other boats already there, for the ebb flow. A few small rattles, most likely whiting, early on in the ebb were also missed and we headed in earlier than we had planned as we were getting cold. Unfortunately the dogs we did have came to my dad’s rods so that’s a blank for me! Oh well, was a lovely day to be out on the water, next time we’ll be after rays as it seems like this is one of those years on the cod fishing.