Once more I’m relying on other anglers to update us because my boat is up on blocks again, requiring engine out and all that. I thought I wasn’t missing much because of the weather and the traditional August fishing doldrums, but looking through the photos we have it seems that plenty of people were enjoying themselves. If it’s too lumpy outside the harbours, there are plenty of fish and good sport to be had inside with light tackle.

Those that managed to organise a trip on the fishable days found the full range of summer Solent species: plenty of mackerel, bass, rays, stingray, bream, pollack offshore and a nice porbeagle shark for Peter Churchill (see photos). Peter also won the SMAC Open Species Competition on 27th August, full report here

We always like to hear a bit of alternative news, and one of the strangest I have heard was about a snake. Peter Churchill (yes, he goes out a lot) saw this grass snake swimming between the Isle of Wight and the mainland and scooped it up. After a rest stop and a photo, it continued on its way.

Have a look through the photos below. It’s great to see our lady anglers taking the Species Hunt very seriously – this could be a very competitive year!