Last Tuesday my wife and I were fishing for mackerel around Nomans-land fort. We caught a few but then decided to move up towards the Warner buoy. We were travelling at about 15 knots when I noticed something in the water just ahead of us. It turned out to be a racing pigeon lying in the water with its wings stretched out desperately trying to keep its head above water in order to breath. Our wash did not help matters but we fished it out using the landing net. Unfortunately the bird has a broken wing but has recovered well after his ordeal. I contacted the owner who does not want it back as he says they are supposed to fly back not swim,and this same bird has failed before costing him £40 to get it back,so if it did recover and go back it would be curtains for it. Someone told me he had seen seagulls attacking racing pigeons driving them into the sea so this maybe what had happened to this one. So anyone out there want a pet retired racing pigeon???

11th August update:

I realised you all would want to hear the end of the story about my pigeon catch in the Solent!

Everyone I spoke to looked at the broken Wong and declared that it was a lost clause so should be   Killed until I spoke to an old friend Paul Martin and his wife Sally who run the Haven Falconry. Their reaction on seeing the bird was, what a lovely bird. They have set the broken wing and the bird is now settling down in his new home. Thank you to the person who did contact me offering the bird a home.Now  just hope the fish are biting on our next trip.

Howard ALLEN , Manx Maid out of Bembridge.